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Govoni History

Govoni started in the late 60's with the production of a special tool used to compress and dismount engine valves resorts: this tool, with the necessary modification is manufactured until present time and forms part of the Govoni Company Logo. 

In just a few years the line was implemented with the production of special tools for the automotive business under the specification of the customers, big European buying groups and vehicle manufacturers.

These days Govoni's range covers several coil spring compressor workstations, special tools and devices for vales, glow plugs, brakes, repairing and engine setting.  Govoni's goal is to reach new markets, placing their products.  Govoni works constantly on R & D in order to study, realize and improve new items accordingly to market demands.

Govoni works according to the Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 with the goal to satisfy their customer needs.  For that reason all Govoni production runs follow procedures aimed to guarantee the total control and supervision of the production.  This policy allows Govoni to monitor the production from the arrival of raw material to the packaging and the delivery of the finished product to the customer. 




Cylinder Head Assembly Bench



pro power accessories

Pro Power 1000

Extra Heavy Duty Pneumatic Valve Spring Compressor