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Joe Baker Equipment Sales, Inc.


Berco ASV/BL Valve Guide & Seat Machine



Berco ASV/BL Valve Guide & Seat Machine Specifications

240 Volt, 1, 60 Cycle                                                                    Floor Space Requirements 54" x 36"

Variable Speed Spindle 25-400 RPM                                          360 Roll Over Table

Spindle Travel 8.5"                                                                          3 Angle Seat Cutting Range .975" - 2.45"

Spindle Tilt 15 Both Directions                                                     Pneumatic Table Locks

Shipping Weight 2,350 LBS.                                                          F.O.B. Nearest Port

                                                                                                          Call For Pricing

Standard Equipment

Ball Drive Adaptor                                                                            .236 6MM Tapered Pilot

Drive Adaptor (2)                                                                              .275 7MM Tapered Pilot

Complete Drill Chuck With Jacobs Kit                                            .312 5/16" Tapered Pilot

Level Base                                                                                          .315 8MM Tapered Pilot

Adjustable Level (.385 Top)                                                              .343 11/32" Tapered Pilot

1/2 Final Reamer                                                                                .354 9MM Tapered Pilot

15/32 x 3/8 Core Drill                                                                         .373 3/8" Tapered Pilot

15/32 x 3/8 Core Drill                                                                         .394 10MM Tapered Pilot

Spotfacer                                                                                             Ball Driver Tool Head

5/16, 11/32 & 3/8 Pilots                                                                      Small, Medium & Large Tool Holders

3 Bounce Springs (Short, Medium & Large)                                    Carbide Inserts- Choice of 4

Optional Equipment

Seat Concentricity Indicator                                                              

Electronic Digital Level                                                                      

Adjustable Counterbore Set                                                             

Ball Driver For Counterbore Set                                                        

Carbide Pilots-Specify Size (.385 Top)                                            

High Speed Steel Pilots- Specify Size (.385 Top)                          

Drive Adaptor For 1/2" Shank Drills                                                 

Tool Heads (.385 Top)                                                                         

Small Tool Holder (.975"-1.195")                                                        

Medium Tool Holder (1.195"-1.600")                                                  

Large Tool Holder (1.550"-2.450")                                                      


**All Prices, Specifications, Standard & Optional Equipment Are Subject To Change Without Notice**


                    Prices and shipping costs:           

All prices are F.O.B. Cincinnati, Ohio.  Price does not include freight charges, lumber cost for shipping crates or any other special handling, if required.  Prices are subject to change without notice.


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